McNae's Essential Law - 24th edition

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  • Updated by authors with reporting and teaching experience, combining their broad expertise to offer practical, clear, and accurate detail on vital areas of law
  • Up-to-date case studies and examples help contextualize difficult areas for readers new to the subject and helps to prepare students for exams
  • Remember points throughout the text highlight complex areas and provide tips for reporting, helping you to balance your legal obligations with breaking news, while the Remember your rightsfeature provides advice from the authors on how to assert your rights
  • Suitable for use on NTCJ-accredited programmes, this text is also recommended for a broad range of media qualifications, and is an indispensible companion for professionals working in industry
  • also provides a range of further resources, including additional chapters, a downloadable glossary of legal jargon, self-test questions, further practical advice from the authors on topics such as the Official Secrets Act, and regular legal updates

New to this Edition:

  • How journalists can avoid unjustified intrusion into privacy and report ethically ‘in the public interest’
  • Arguments court reporters can use to uphold the open justice principle against invalid or unnecessary reporting restrictions
  • The need for journalists take steps to prevent any surveillance by state agencies revealing the identities of confidential sources
  • Guidance from the chief coroner on media coverage of inquests