McNae’s Essential Law for Journalists (25th ed)


More than sixty years since the first edition, McNae’s remains the definitive media law guide for journalists and students alike. The newest edition offers unrivalled practical guidance on a wide range of reporting situations. It’s an invaluable tool throughout a journalist’s career.


New to this edition:

  • Updates on privacy law, including Sir Cliff Richard’s victory over the BBC and about the ‘right to be forgotten’
  • Case studies on recent rulings by regulators about whether undercover journalism was ethical.
  • The latest developments in defamation law
  • Updates on the law of contempt of court, including why Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, aka Tommy Robinson, was jailed
  • Analysis of a Supreme Court judgment setting out ‘open justice’ principles on when journalists can have access to court case material
  • Explanation of the new rule giving journalists quicker access to prosecution and mitigation material in ‘single justice procedure’ court cases
  • Case study of a Court of Appeal judgment allowing the media to identify a 17-year-old convicted of murder
  • Explanation of the new rule added to the Editors’ Code of Practice to help preserve anonymity for sexual offence victims
  • Example of how to cover a ‘modern slavery’ case without identifying the victim


Published in partnership with the NCTJ as the elemental text for students, and widely used in newsrooms across the UK, McNae’s continues to successfully distil the law and make it manageable.

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