NCTJ teams up with Press Gazette to publish 2017/18 guide to becoming a journalist

For the fourth year in a row, the NCTJ has partnered with Press Gazette to produce a training guide for aspiring journalists.

Published by Press Gazette in association with the NCTJ, the guide includes an overview of the different routes to achieving an NCTJ qualification, top tips from journalists and interviews with apprentices and Journalism Diversity Fund recipients. A complete listing of NCTJ-accredited courses is also included within the guide.

Over 4000 sixth form, college and university careers libraries across the UK have received printed copies of the training guide, and a digital version is also available on the Press Gazette website.

Why become a journalist? In his introduction to the guide, Sky Sports News executive editor and NCTJ director Andy Cairns, said: “It’s such an exciting job. If you’re curious about the world, interested in people, thrive working under pressure, then journalism is fun and fulfilling.

“You cover the most exciting events of the day, have the chance to ask questions to interesting people and find out things some people don’t want anyone else to know!”

Writing in the guide, Dominic Ponsford, editor of Press Gazette said: “Press Gazette works with the NCTJ on this guide because our experience tells us that you increase your chances of succeeding in journalism many-fold if you can gain an industry-recognised qualification.

“There are good journalism courses not accredited by the NCTJ, but seeing their logo on a course does give you a guarantee that it will give you the practical skills needed to hit the ground running as a journalist.”

‘How to be a journalist 2017/18’ is available to read online here. If you’d like to request physical copies of the guide, please contact [email protected]