NCTJ urges Cairncross review to consider the importance of sustaining and supporting the industry’s training scheme for journalists

“High quality journalism depends on the availability of high quality journalists”, the NCTJ has said in its response to the Cairncross review call for evidence.

“This has been secured by the existence in the regional and local press of a comprehensive training programme linked to a nationally-recognised qualification scheme. Maintaining and developing this is vital in sustaining the future of high quality journalism.”

In its submission, the NCTJ says: “Achieving high quality journalism begins with the recruitment of people from all walks of life who have the potential to be journalists. It continues with their training, development and qualification as professional journalists to rigorous standards set and assessed by the industry through the NCTJ.”

The submission warns that fewer journalists in the regional and local press means that fewer journalists are being properly trained and qualified at a senior level and this will have an impact on standards and quality.

Read our submission here.