Our apprenticeship story: JPIMedia

National Apprenticeship Week is taking place between the 3rd and 9th of February, and the NCTJ is proud to support the campaign. Throughtout the week, we will be sharing first-hand accounts from current and former apprentices and employers to demonstrate the benefits of journalism apprenticeships.

Today we hear from Kelly Brown, editor for communities content at JPIMedia's Sussex newspapers:

Tell us a little about how apprenticeships work for JPIMedia?

Our apprentices play a key role in our newsrooms working closely with colleagues to help produce great community journalism stories. They handle press releases and basic stories, and as they grow in confidence and skills go on to do interviews and handle more complicated news stories. 

What does an NCTJ qualification mean to you as an employer?

Having a NCTJ qualification is a must for any trainee reporter applying for a job within JPIMedia. So completing an apprenticeship gives candidates the best possible chance for future employment having both the required qualifications and plenty of real-world experience in the newsroom.

What are the benefits apprentices can have on a newsroom?

As well as being a fantastic resource to support the reporting staff, apprentices also bring with them bags of energy and enthusiasm which is a great boost within our newsrooms.

What makes a great journalist?

The ability to ask questions - and listen to the answers! Great journalists are great storytellers and are very much invested and understand their communities - so being curious about people and what is important to them is journalism 101.

Why would you recommend the apprenticeship route to an aspiring journalist?

The fantastic mix of being able to get your NCTJ qualifications (paid for by your employer) and at the same time get the much-needed real life experience makes an apprenticeship the best route into journalism. 

Pictured: JPIMedia South apprentices.