NCTJ chairman says the responsibility of the charity is to equip the new generation of journalists properly for the trade

Kim Fletcher, chairman of the NCTJ, has used the charity’s annual report to reinforce the importance of ensuring journalists have the core skills to succeed in a competitive industry.

He said: “We think it is good for young journalists to be able to show they have mastered the basics. We also think it is good for society – deluged with unsubstantiated stories on social media – to have journalists who have learned about objectivity, facts and ethics.”

He also highlighted the action the charity is taking to promote inclusivity: the work of the Journalism Diversity Fund which supports those who can’t afford their training; the accreditation of different types of higher education, further education and independent provider courses; and the growth of apprenticeship training and employment for school leavers.

He said: “It is a good thing to deepen the gene pool of journalism, for the industry needs more people who are close to the communities on which they report.”

In her review of the year, chief executive Joanne Butcher said so much of the NCTJ’s work was about “developing and investing in partnerships to build our capacity so we can help more people and achieve our objectives”. She said: “The NCTJ can only be truly effective by working in partnership with the industry we represent and the stakeholders we support.”

These partners include course providers who work to tough industry standards, the tech giants Facebook and Google, Cirrus Assessment for online exams delivery, Press Gazette for careers information, hosts of the annual skills conference, Oxford University Press textbooks, and the charity’s supporters, sponsors and donors.

The NCTJ’s annual report showcases some of the charity’s activities in 2016-17, including publication of the gold standard Diploma in Journalism and National Qualification in Journalism results. It covers work on accreditation, qualifications, innovation, events, awards, diversity, careers and publications as well as a financial review of the year. Click here to read the full report.