A message from our patron, Alex Crawford

Alex Crawford, patron of the NCTJ and special correspondent for Sky News, has stressed the importance of journalists holding power to account in a video clip published by the NCTJ. 

Speaking in the clip, she says: "We are basically the moral compass of everything and everybody, we're the conscience of the world."

Alex adds that the coverage of the coronavirus pandemic in Britain has demonstrated how crucial journalism as an industry is.

She said: "I don't think it's acceptable for governments, cabinet ministers, MPs, to boycott certain outlets and certain individuals because they are asking uncomfortable questions.

"Who'd have thought that Piers Morgan, the broadcaster that everyone used to like to kick, should turn into a voice of the nation.

"Because he's been so persistent, because he's been so angry, because he's asked very uncomfortable questions and demanded answers, his programme is now finding it virtually impossible to get anyone from government to face his questions.

"Is that right?"

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The clip is from a video which will form part of a virtual NCTJ summer school, launching next month.

Designed to provide an introduction to journalism for beginners, the free summer school will be releasing a video per week across July and August.

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