Volunteers help NCE to progress smoothly

186 trainee reporters sat the NCE for reporters, sports reporters and sub-editors on Friday 5 March.

The day progressed smoothly due to the help of 101 volunteers who gave their time to help young reporters, sports reporters and sub-editors achieve the NCTJ’s senior qualification.

To complete the NCE trainee reporters must first complete the preliminary Certificate in Journalism. Centres with more than five former students sitting the NCE were: Cardiff University (13); Darlington College (12); Harlow College (12); Highbury College (7); Lambeth College (8); Liverpool Community College (12); News Associates (12); noSWeat Journalism Training (7); Scottish Centre for Journalism Studies (5); Sheffield College (9); University of Central Lancashire (13) and University of Sheffield (8).

Results of the NCE for reporters, sports reporters and sub editors will be sent to candidates on Thursday 15 April and will be posted on the NCTJ website www.nctj.com on Monday 19 April.

Volunteers are needed to take a role as news interviewees and assessors at future NCEs. If you feel you can spare a few hours and give trainee journalists the chance to progress their careers, contact Beverley Rhodes at [email protected]