Training pathways into journalism jobs

The National Council for the Training of Journalists has published information about the pre-entry training received by those qualifying as seniors in the March National Certificate Examination.  Publication of this information follows the recent debate about career paths into journalism.

Of the 49 trainees qualifying as seniors in the March NCE:

  • 84 per cent (41 journalists) completed NCTJ-accredited courses before they were employed as trainees
  • 10 per cent (5 journalists) were direct entrants without any formal pre-entry training
  • 6 per cent (3 journalists) completed non-accredited courses

The top four accredited courses based on the number of journalists sitting the March NCE were: Cardiff University (5 alumni); Sheffield College (4 alumni); and Press Association Training Newcastle (3 alumni) and the University of Central Lancashire (3 alumni).

The direct entrants taken on by newspapers as trainees completed NCTJ distance learning courses and/or on-the-job training before sitting the NCE.

The three journalists who did non-accredited pre-entry courses completed the NCTJ distance learning course and on-the-job training while they were trainees.