Trainee journalists prepare to sit the NCE

Trainee journalists across the country sat the National Certificate Examination (NCE) last week.

Exams in news reporting, newspaper practice and news interviewing were sat by 199 trainees, who were scheduled to sit at least one part of the NCE on Friday 3rd July.

Of the 199 exam candidates, 17 (8.5 per cent) gained their preliminary examinations at Harlow College, the training provider with the largest contingent of former students sitting the NCE.

This group was followed by Sheffield College (15 trainees), Darlington College (14), Lambeth College (13) and Bournemouth University (12).

First time candidates also submitted logbooks, a record of their work and experience over 18 months.

Six trainees who took NCTJ distance learning courses were also represented in the cohort sitting this NCE.

The NCTJ exams team completed the huge logistical exercise required to make sure all exam papers are ready and delivered to 13 exam centres across the country.

The exams team enlisted the help of 110 volunteers, who all have a background in journalism, to act as invigilators, speech readers, interviewers and assessors on NCE day.

Joanne Butcher, NCTJ chief executive, said: “Each and every one of our committed volunteers is helping ensure standards in British journalism remain high for many years to come.

“We thank all volunteers, as without their support, the NCTJ could not run professional journalism exams that have the overwhelming support of the industry.”

If you would like to volunteer to help with future NCEs contact [email protected]