Sub-editors, news and sports reporters sit NCE today

More than one hundred reporters, two sports reporters and four sub-editors took the NCTJ National Certificate Examination today hoping to gain senior qualification status.

The NCE is designed to examine all-round competence in a range of fundamental skills and trainees completed the four sections of the exams: interview, report, practice and the logbook.

The topics featured in today’s papers included a serious road accident, controversial building development, a drug overdose and the Olympic road race, while sports reporters covered anti-doping, a local tennis tournament and horse race fixing.

In order to gain senior status, all trainees must be able to extract information using excellent interview techniques, reproduce clear and concise reports in a style that attracts readers and demonstrate they are conversant with day-to-day newspaper practice inside and outside of the office.

The day progressed smoothly thanks to the help of numerous volunteers. The results will be made available next month.