Regional trainer bids farewell after 31 years in journalism

Neil Webber, editorial training manager at KM Group, is retiring on Friday after 31 years working in regional journalism. During this time he has been actively involved in the work of the NCTJ.

Neil is known to many journalists, editors and journalism trainers as he regularly acts as an interviewee, assessor and interview panel chairman on NCE days in Kent and London. Neil has also acted as an editors’ panel member on NCTJ accreditation panel visits.

Neil said: “I’ve been lucky to have spent so much of my working life in such an enjoyable and rewarding career and to have worked for a company that believes passionately in the value of training.

“The healthy relationship between the KM Group and the NCTJ, and the values they share, has enabled me to support and assist the NCTJ in various capacities over the last 10 years or so.

“It’s reassuring that with all the changes taking place to the way the news needs to be delivered, these two organisations continue to keep pace with developments to ensure the service is maintained to the highest possible standards.”

Ian Carter, KM Group editorial director said: “In his time with the Kent Messenger, Neil has helped develop the careers of hundreds of journalists. Neil’s passion for journalism is as strong as ever, and he has played a leading role in helping to establish the KM Group as a truly multi-media company.

“Although Neil is taking a well-earned retirement, he will still remain a close friend of the group and has offered to help in whatever way he can in the future – I’m delighted we will still be able to call on his expertise.”