Pearson diversity director joins NCTJ board of directors

Abu Bundu-Kamara, director of diversity and inclusion at Pearson, has been appointed as a director and trustee of the NCTJ.

He is an equality and diversity expert, and a campaigner on general workplace corporate social responsibility and HR-related issues. He has responsibility for Pearson’s diversity and inclusion policies, operational excellence and strategies for the EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) and APAC (Asia Pacific) regions.

In his current role, Abu is responsible for the strategic direction Pearson takes with regards to the company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion; focusing on who they recruit, how they manage the workforce, advising operating companies on equality and related HR issues, as well as communicating all diversity and inclusion plans effectively.

Before joining Pearson in 2003, he worked for Ryman’s, Enron and The Canary Wharf Management Group. He has a degree in technology management and a postgraduate diploma in business and finance from South Bank University.

Abu said: “I’m very pleased to be joining the NCTJ board and building on the relationship already established through Pearson’s work with the NCTJ and the Journalism Diversity Fund. I am looking forward to working with the directors to grow and develop the organisation.”