NCTJ reinstate accreditation of journalism training courses at Brighton Journalist Works

The directors of the NCTJ today (3 March 2016) agreed to reinstate accreditation of journalism training courses at Brighton Journalist Works subject to a series of strict conditions.

Accreditation was temporarily removed from courses at Brighton Journalist Works in January following findings of malpractice and maladministration relating to the delivery of NCTJ shorthand and public affairs examinations.

Brighton Journalist Works was given up to 45 days to remedy the default and to restore the NCTJ’s confidence in its ability to deliver exams to the required standard.

Following today’s meeting of the NCTJ board of directors, chief executive Joanne Butcher praised the swift action taken by the company to review and improve its exams operation.

“The action Brighton Journalist Works has taken and promised to take during the default period has satisfied the board that the company is committed to meeting the required standard,” she said.

“Brighton Journalist Works has promised to embed a change of culture in its business and demonstrated that it has taken appropriate action on the objectives we set regarding staffing, facilities, communications, responsibility, accountability and the management of risk.”

The conditions for restoring accreditation include a commitment to appoint an experienced head of exams at the company who will have full responsibility for all matters relating to NCTJ examinations.

The centre is also required to complete all remaining exams in the current academic year without incident under NCTJ supervision. If Brighton Journalist Works fails to meet the conditions or its obligations to meet the accreditation industry standard, the NCTJ reserves the right to remove accreditation permanently.

The NCTJ is writing to students at Brighton Journalist Works to inform them that accreditation has been reinstated.