NCTJ teams up with Press Gazette to produce journalism training guide

The NCTJ have teamed up with Press Gazette to create a guide to journalism training.

Published by Press Gazette in association with the NCTJ, the 24-page guide includes tips from top journalists (including NCTJ alumni David Dinsmore, Kay Burley and Lorraine Candy) and rising stars, 10 pieces of advice for those starting out in journalism and a full list of accredited NCTJ courses.

It also provides an overview of the NCTJ journalism training route, and an introduction to accredited courses, apprenticeships and the Journalism Diversity Fund.

Print copies of the training supplement have been sent to the careers libraries of every sixth form and university in the UK – nearly 4,000 in total. A digital version is also available on the Press Gazette website and the NCTJ website.

Dominic Ponsford, editor of Press Gazette, wrote in his blog: “The NCTJ badge is a guarantee that the training will cover the main bases required if you want to be a news writer.”

Click here to view the Press Gazette Guide to Journalism Training 2014 in association with the NCTJ.