NCTJ student wins bursary to promote Cornish mining heritage

Jamie Maddison, an NCTJ student from Cornwall College has won a six month bursary to promote Cornish mining heritage.

Online publisher Culture24 teamed up with Cornwall Mining World Heritage (CMWHS) to offer the six-month bursary to a self-motivated and talented student journalist to promote Cornish Mining heritage to a national and international audience online.

Jamie, who has just completed an NCTJ fast-track course in Cornwall, will work one day a week on the scheme to produce articles, films and pictures on any topic in connection to mining heritage while the world focuses on the United Kingdom in the run up to the Olympics.   

Jamie said: “I am thrilled to have been given the opportunity to write about Cornwall's mining heritage; there is such a vast array of interesting people, stories and places connected with Cornish mining that I'm certainly not going to run dry on topics to explore.

"I'm particularly interested in examining the post-industrial nature of Cornwall's landscape and how to make these invaluable visions of the past presentable and exciting for the people of today's information era." 

Editor of Culture24 Richard Moss said: “This is a great opportunity for a talented, up and coming journalist to get some real world experience and build up a handy online portfolio of work about a fascinating subject. It's going to be challenging, but also very rewarding as this is an exciting year for Cornish Mining World Heritage.

 "Culture24 is also really pleased to be working with the journalism course at Camborne again, and I look forward to more projects like this - nurturing young emerging talent in Cornwall."  

Keep an eye out for Jamie’s work on and