NCTJ student gets a permanent reminder of training

A journalism student at Staffordshire University is so dedicated to her course she had her name tattooed on her leg - in shorthand!

Anneka Masih, who is studying the NCTJ-accredited MA Journalism award, wanted a permanent reminder of her training at the Stoke-on-Trent campus.

So, willed on by colleagues, the 22-year-old plumped for a tattoo of ‘Anneka’ in shorthand above her right ankle after checking with her tutor she had the correct outline.

She said: “The tattoo has a personal and symbolic meaning to me. I think it shows my level of devotion to become a journalist, and that it is now engraved into me.”

“I really liked the design. It's also quite exciting knowing only people who have learned shorthand will understand what the symbol means - like a secret code!”

“Shorthand is something I'm passionate about learning and mastering. My tutor has definitely helped me understand how important this skill is.

“Because it's tattooed into me, I know pursuing my career will be the right path, and I'll always have this outline as a reminder.”

Anneka, from Hayes in Middlesex, is already achieving 60 and 70 wpm passages, despite being less than four months into the 15-month postgraduate course and she is confident of hitting the magic 100wpm by Easter.

Her shorthand tutor Jo Goodall said: “Anneka told me of her plans to have her name tattooed on her ankle in shorthand over the Christmas break.”

“She asked me to check the outline to ensure it was correct. I am delighted shorthand fires up the students to this extent.”

 “They compete against each other for the fastest and the best note. I love my job, because we have such brilliant students.”