NCTJ launches new health journalism short course

The NCTJ is launching a new professional training course in health journalism as part of its programme of scheduled short courses. The one-day Essentials of Health Journalism course will provide those working in the media with an overview of modern biomedical research and healthcare.

According to recent research* the majority of health journalism in the UK is produced by journalists with no specialist training in reporting health stories, who have had to learn the skills ‘on the job’. This new course is designed to ensure delegates leave with a better understanding of the healthcare industry, thus enabling them to report informatively.

Course topics include: global health trends; how and where medical research is undertaken; how medicines are discovered and developed; pharmaceutical companies, the NHS, NICE; and analysis of some recent healthcare stories.

The first course will take place on 7 February at the NCTJ’s training facility in Newport, Essex. For more information please visit the NCTJ website or contact Michelle Patient on [email protected] or 01799 544014

* - EU co-funded HeaRT (Health Reporter Training) project, presented by Coventry University.