Celebration of shorthand planned

The vital skill of shorthand is set to be celebrated in a week of activities in November.

Shorthand week is set to take place from Tuesday 10 November to Monday 16 November and includes the launch of a new textbook, a radio interview and shorthand races.

A new book NCTJ Teeline Gold Standard for Journalists by Marie Cartwright, NCTJ chief examiner for shorthand, will be published.

NCTJ Teeline Gold Standard for Journalists will be launched at the Society of Editors' conference which will be held at the Stansted Radisson Hotel on Monday 16 November.

BBC Radio 4 will feature NCTJ chairman Kim Fletcher in a radio discussion with programme presenters on shorthand.

Members of the NCTJ shorthand board have put together learning resources which will be placed on the NCTJ website such as how to hold a shorthand race, a shorthand crossword and an article about James Hill, the inventor of Teeline shorthand.

NCTJ accredited centres will be using these resources to host fun events for students.

Susan Nixon, shorthand tutor on the NCTJ accredited Multimedia Foundation Course in Journalism at Press Association Training, Newcastle, said: “Shorthand continues to be a vital skill for today’s journalists. Here at Press Association Training we are planning to support shorthand week and our trainees are delighted to play a part.”

Press Association Training has consistently achieved excellent results in teaching aspiring journalists shorthand.

Susan added: “We are so committed to shorthand training, for us every week is a shorthand week.”