Be part of the Royal Wedding coverage on Sky News

Sky News are looking for short films about celebrations in different parts of the UK to provide an alternative view of the wedding day on 29 April 2011. It could be a conventional street knees-up, a party in a shopping mall, or just a gathering of friends around the TV. Or it could be something more offbeat – anything from a convent to a prison.

They are looking for students (or groups of students) to shoot and edit the films on the day and upload them to Sky News in time for a special programme on the evening of 29 April.  You should aim at no more than two minutes on tape.

The key factors are pictures and actuality. Sky News want activity, colour and excitement.  And above all they want to hear the voices of the British people - and maybe some visitors.  Please do not put a commentary on tape but let the pictures and the actuality tell the story. 

What’s in it for you?

If you’re published, you and your university or college get an on-screen credit on network TV.

Sky News will pay £400 for the report they consider to be the best. They will also pay £100 for each report they publish, and £50 for each report they commission but which doesn’t make it on-air.


Interested NCTJ students should contact Simon Bucks, Sky News Associate Editor, at [email protected]  before Friday, 25 February and put ‘Wedding Video’ in the subject heading.

Arrangements for upload/delivery will be sent out later.

You should pitch your idea, and describe your objectives and treatment. It is important to show you’ve researched it and are 100% committed to delivering the piece.

Sky News want to ensure a wide spread of events – both in type and geography – so won’t necessarily commission all the stories proposed. They will choose the most interesting ideas.

This is great opportunity for NCTJ students to have their work published by a national television operation and is a real-time test of on-the-day news gathering skills, on what’s bound to be a very lively newsday.