Business and finance journalism

Estimated learning time: 70 hours
Fee: £162 (including VAT)
Tutor support: one hour
Credits: 7

The business and finance journalism option is available for students to study alongside, or following completion of, the Diploma in Journalism core skills. These are reporting skills, essential media law, essential public affairs and shorthand.

It equips candidates with sufficient understanding of both domestic and international politics and economics to be able to report on a wide range of issues relating to business and finance, and to do so with the ability to humanise complex subjects, making them accessible to a general audience.

It ensures candidates can produce the different types of story for all platforms required from each part of the business and finance news discipline. It also covers the other main situations in which business and finance writers operate, including the analysis of financial reports, developing and operating a wide range of informative contacts for stories away from the traditional PR cycle. Business and finance features are also covered.

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