Essential journalism

Journalists need core skills to work in multimedia news environments found online, in TV and radio, in newspapers and magazines as well as those working in media environments of other sectors, such as PR and communications.

Essential Journalism is designed to teach you the skill-sets needed from finding and telling stories, to harnessing the technologies of the digital age for reporting.

Your learning will focus on:

  • News and how to find it
  • Telling stories for different audiences and platforms
  • Interviewing skills
  • Reporting news events and meetings
  • Interacting with your audience
  • Finding stories in data
  • Working safely
  • Working to high ethical standards

The programme of study teaches the still-vital traditional skills, plus how to be a successful journalist in the digital age. Social media, using smartphones, understanding what the website statistics are telling you, finding buried stories in data are all included. You will also learn the most effective way(s) to tell stories to make best use of the available platforms.

This module is assessed by a two-hour online exam and completion of an e-portfolio of evidence (see e-portfolio for journalists).