"The course was an intense three days packed with tips and mock exams, but it was invaluable for the NQJ exams. Our trainer went above and beyond, marking into the night and helping us out between the course and the exam day.

"I have absolutely no doubt that I wouldn't have done so well in the exams if I hadn't been so well prepped on the course with best practice, what to expect and all the little things that make a difference."

Charlotte Tobitt, Surrey Advertiser

"I could not have passed my NQJ exams without the refresher course, it really was that important. It was an intense few days  and you shouldn't expect an easy ride, but it will certainly be worth the effort - and that's not just for the pay rise!

"Not only did it allow me to pass the exams, but it has also made me a better journalist."

Matthew Scrafton, Grimsby Telegraph

"The refresher course we had ahead of our NQJ was a hands-on and concise reminder of McNae's and gave us a much clearer understanding of what to expect on the day, which was particularly helpful for the dreaded news interview exam (not as bad as you've been told!).

"Our marks improved across the days as we learnt from our mistakes and - after some frustrating moments along the way - we left feeling more positive than we had 72 hours earlier. The advice of Dave King and Paul Durrant, both with years of newsroom experience and NCTJ marking, was invaluable."

Lauren Cope, senior reporter, Archant