Shorthand for journalists

Estimated learning time: 140 hours for 100wpm
Fee: £99.60 (including VAT)
Tutor support: one hour
Credits: 14

Teeline shorthand is the most popular shorthand system in the UK and uses the same principle as all other shorthand methods by assigning a unique outline to each word. It is a steep learning curve and requires daily practice. Teaching yourself shorthand requires a lot of dedication and perseverance. It’s like learning another language so the best way to pick it up is to practice every day.

The materials you will receive for this module are: Shorthand for journalists materials USB stick and textbook Teeline Gold Standard for Journalists by Marie Cartwright.

Please note, the exam for this module cannot be sat abroad due to software requirements and the technical support needed.

This module is worth 14 credits towards the Diploma in Journalism.

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