Taking on trainees

Many employers want to put their new trainees through their National Qualification in Journalism (NQJ) training so that they can qualify as a senior reporter.

All newspaper trainees must be registered with the NCTJ in order to be eligible to sit the NQJ. It is the responsibility of the trainee and their editor/training officer to ensure they are registered.

Trainees do not need to have all of their Diploma in Journalism exams before being registered. Once they have completed their probation period, the editor/training officer should register them. This will allow the full 18 months to complete the logbook.

Delay in registration may reduce the time available for the trainee to do this. Once the NCTJ receives the completed registration form, an invoice will be sent to either the paper or the accounts department.

NQJ dates are calculated from the date the trainee starts on the paper. It is usually the nearest NQJ date to 18 months after joining (two years for Johnston Press trainees).

Direct entrants (trainee reporters who have not attended an NCTJ pre-entry course) can study and achieve the Diploma in Journalism by distance learning. Further information is available here.

Training towards the NQJ is now also available by distance learning and further information is available here.

You can also find more information on the structure of the NQJ in the qualifications section of the website here.