NCTJ Diploma in Journalism one year

Course Subject: News Journalism (Multiplatform)
Course Type: Academic Year
Centre: City of Wolverhampton College
Region: West Midlands
Duration: One year

About the course:
This course has been the best performing course of its kind for the past nine years.

It’s cheaper and shorter than a university course but gives you more time to explore topics and delve into subjects than a fast track course.

We have a 100% satisfaction level from past students and the majority of students go straight into a job. We strive for gold standard.

We have a small class size, taught by award winning lecturers with journalistic experience – some who still work in the industry – and we believe we have created a course which is a great basis for all kinds of jobs in journalism, whatever speciality you want to go into.

We love shorthand and aim to transfer this love – or if not, sheer determination – on to students each year.

We have many contacts in the industry and work hard to keep these up to date.

We are building on what we offer year on year, liaising with editors to ensure we create trainee journalists who have the skills they are looking for, and soon the college will also be moving to a newly built city centre campus. Great things, more awards and students in jobs lay ahead!

NCTJ elective modules offered:

  • Shorthand
  • Videojournalism for online
  • Public affairs for journalists
  • Media law court reporting

Alumni testimonial:

"You will learn all you need for a solid foundation in journalism while preventing obscene levels of student debt and years wasted when you could be earning, in comparison to university.

"But whether you’re 18 or cruising through your 40s: getting the NCTJ is like registering for a passport in journalism because almost every editor across the land will demand to see it.

"At Wolverhampton, there’s a top league of tutors who will become your cheerleaders as they help you achieve it.

"I loved every minute: its inextricable connection to the world around us, and its creative methods for learning. It’s a sure fire confidence booster and a constructive move that will empower you to process and articulate the deluge of information that bombards us each day."

- Anu Shukla, freelance journalist

Job destinations of recent graduates include:

  • BBC Sport England
  • Eastern Daily Press
  • Sky Sports News
  • Slough Observer
  • The Guardian

Find out more

For admissions enquiries, please contact Dani Wozencroft on [email protected] or 01902 317564.