News Diploma

Course Subject: News Journalism (Multiplatform)
Course Type: Academic Year
Centre: Brunel University
Region: Greater London
Duration: September - August

About the course:
Brunel University London has been successfully running accredited NCTJ courses for many years - resulting in legions of students graduating to high-profile media jobs.

Uniquely, we now run our Diploma course in one year for Year 2 students on our undergraduate Journalism programme. This is separate to the degree, and our students have to undergo an interview and test before they are permitted to join the NCTJ scheme and enjoy additional classes at no extra charge.

Many of our post-graduate students have also successfully signed up to the stand-alone Diploma. Meanwhile, we are now hoping to broaden it out to students from other programmes at the university via the NCTJ Foundation Certificate which we also run.

A key measure of success is that many of our NCTJ students have quickly secured jobs in national and local media, and we find that employers do like to hire Brunel alumni.

The Express Online is one such employer, but our former students are now working in a diverse and impressive array of media jobs.

Brunel, however, does not wish to rest on its laurels and is constantly looking at new ways to innovate and widen out the appeal of our NCTJ programmes - so we can help to train an increasing number of journalists to cope with the demands of the ever-changing media landscape.

NCTJ elective modules offered:

  • Shorthand
  • Introduction to PR for journalists
  • Public Affairs
  • Media law court reporting

Alumni testimonial:

"Brunel University gave me all the tools I needed to get where I am today. From interesting and insightful lessons to lecturers who go the extra mile to make you the best journalist you can be, the course really prepared me for what life on the job would be like and how to get through and overcome any hurdles along the way.

Having a degree and the NCTJ gold standard at the end of my time at Brunel was instrumental in getting my first job, and it's all been uphill since then thanks to their excellent training. I certainly wouldn't have a team of my own now without them."

- Vickiie Oliphant, SEO editor at

Job desinations of recent graduates include:

  • BBC
  • Daily Star
  • Daily Express
  • Express Online
  • ITV
  • TalkSPORT.

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