Interviewing skills

In this exciting and insightful course we will show you:

  • The key to good interviewing skills – preparation, structure, skills
  • The art of good questioning and listening
  • Interviewing chronology – beginning, middle and end
  • Different interview situations
  • Face-to-face interview role play exercise and feedback
  • How it can improve your copy
  • Some top interview examples

Your learning experience will include discussion, improving your interviewing skills , face-to-face interview practice and how it can help improve your copy.

This masterclass will be led by a leading industry professional with experience in how effective interviewing skills can benefit you in all fields of journalism from the newsroom to sport and feature writing.

Aimed at: Those who are starting out as trainee journalists; those who have an interest in journalism and would like to explore it as a career, or who those would like a writing career alongside their present role.

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