Social media reporting and verification

How to responsibly use social media in your reporting, including news and
content discovery, verification, content clearance and basic open-source news intelligence (OSINT) techniques.

Social media is a vital tool for journalists looking for their next big story, but how can be certain of what they see online? This course will demonstrate the verification techniques needed to responsibly use social media in your reporting.

This one-day course will train on:

● Using all social media platforms to discover story leads
● Verifying newsworthy leads and debunking misinformation and disinformation
● Contacting sources in an ethical and timely fashion through social media
● What third party tools can be used to enhance your news discovery
● Using basic open-source news intelligence (OSINT) techniques in your reporting

Course overview

Introduction to all social media platforms and how to effectively use each for news discovery including demonstration of stories that originated on each.

Verifying content
How to safely and ethically verify and use content found on social media using easy to learn techniques.

Finding sources online
How to contact sources or subjects of stories using social media. How to find and verify social profiles.

Optimising Social Media Searches
From bespoke searches on Tweetdeck to smart use of Twitter lists and using CrowdTangle to work for you. There are lots of tools that can help in improving your searches and finding news earlier.

Introduction to Open-Source News Intelligence (OSINT) Techniques
An explanation of basic OSINT techniques and how they can be deployed on a wide range of stories.

Cost: Our standard price is £220 plus VAT per delegate, please enquire about group rates. Our trainers can also come to your offices for group sessions wherever you are in the UK. 

Please enquire about group rates at [email protected].