Results tables

Choosing an NCTJ-accredited course gives you the best chance at getting a job in journalism.

Accredited courses have elected to undergo public scrutiny and rigorous assessments and have been successful. It means the course you attend meets the industry standard.

Some other journalism courses for a variety of reasons, cannot, or will not, meet the standard required for NCTJ accreditation.

In keeping with the best traditions of journalism, the NCTJ believes in transparency and the public's right to know information.

The aim of publishing these results tables is to allow prospective students to make an informed choice about which course is most appropriate for them. They will also help to inform recruiting editors and enable centres offering accredited courses to see how well they are doing.

There are many things students may consider when choosing a journalism training course. The NCTJ accredits a range of different courses which all, in their own way, lead to the industry standard qualification - the Diploma in Journalism.

Results tables cannot, by their nature, give a complete picture of all a course can offer. They give only statistics, which may be considered alongside other factors.