Journalism qualifications

The NCTJ delivers industry standard qualifications for pre-entry trainee journalists and professional qualifications for working journalists.

Pre-entry qualifications

Certificate in Foundation Journalism

The NCTJ Certificate in Foundation Journalism provides an introduction to journalism. It may be used as a stepping stone for candidates wanting to go on to a career in journalism or by those wishing to improve their journalistic skills for a specific purpose.

The qualification is designed in such a way as to give a wide variety of uses within the community journalism setting; whether as a community journalist, blogger or those wishing to use journalism as a way to draw attention to specific community issues.

For those wishing to go on to a career in journalism, study at foundation level is unlikely to lead directly to a job with a news organisation, unless by way of apprenticeship. However, successful study at foundation level is likely to give candidates a “head start” when it comes to studying for the Diploma in Journalism. The certificate has also been allocated a UCAS  tariff of 50 points.

Entry level qualifications

Apprenticeship Standard for a Junior Journalist

The level 3 junior journalist apprenticeship is a training scheme which provides a direct route into the industry. Apprentice junior journalists gain skills and experience working in a news environment as well as off-the-job training at college to work towards gaining the NCTJ Diploma in Journalism  qualification.

Apprentices must also produce a work-related project towards the end of their training which is independently assessed and must be passed to gain the apprenticeship certificate.

Diploma in Journalism

The NCTJ Diploma in Journalism equips trainee journalists with the knowledge and skills for professional entry level journalism. This qualification encompasses the skills required by the modern convergent journalist working across all media sectors.

Professional qualifications

National Qualification in Journalism (NQJ)

The National Qualification in Journalism (NQJ) is the industry’s professional qualification that trainee journalists with at least 18 months employment can take to achieve senior status as a journalist. Employers who support the programme register trainees with the NCTJ and an online logbook is completed providing evidence of training and experience before taking the exams.