Frequently asked questions

You need to complete a registration form and send it to the NCTJ. Once this has been processed you will receive a registration letter and logbook.

You can register even if you still have sections of the Diploma in Journalism outstanding. Any outstanding sections will need to be complete prior to you sitting the NQJ exams.

To be eligible to sit the NQJ you need to pass the NCTJ Diploma in Journalism with a C grade or above in all exams and achieve 100wpm shorthand. You must have passed media law: court reporting with a grade C or above. You are required to serve 18 months’ full-time employment or 24 months if you are a Johnston Press trainee before being eligible to sit the NQJ.

You will be allocated a place in the nearest available exam centre two weeks prior to the NQJ. Centres are allocated on a first-come first-serve basis.

There is a 'Useful Information' section on the e-logbook site which contains a screen-shot guide for trainees and their editors and trainers. The guide covers how to upload work, make amendments and submit to us for marking.