Work experience with the NCTJ

Jessica Dyer and Katie Tomlin, two students from Saffron Walden County High School, are spending two weeks with the NCTJ on work experience.

During their time with us they are working with the examinations team on the latest NCE, learning some shorthand and are also going to be interviewing NCTJ alumnus and Blue Peter presenter Helen Skelton during the Big Olympic Tour at the weekend. They will be writing about their experiences on the NCTJ website.

“My name is Katie and I am currently doing two weeks of work experience with the NCTJ in Newport. I am doing my work experience with the NCTJ as when I am older I hope to pursue a career within journalism, though I am not entirely certain which aspect of journalism I would like to go in to. I am especially interested in magazine journalism, so I am considering this as my main career choice for the future.”

“My name is Jess. I love writing and would like to be a journalist when I’m older. I am not sure what aspect of journalism I would most like to be involved in but I am particularly interested in radio and magazine journalism. I would like to study at Harlow College after I finish school.”