User-generated content and social media storytelling

Aimed at: Digital writers, editors and sub-editors who create and/or edit aggregated online content and who want to ensure that their content gets noticed for being smart, original and accurate


  • Be first with the story without sacrificing quality
  • From social media to traditional outlets, where are the best sources?
  • Checking accuracy and assessing credibility and reliability of sources
  • Journalists as content curators 
  • Using one source, but making it different
  • The whole is greater than the sum of the parts – creating a coherent package
  • Finding your own angle or another story out of the same facts
  • How much need is there for balance / fairness?
  • Adding your own research
  • Directing the audience towards further content
  • Attribution and links
  • Is it ethical? 
  • Using the law to create an advantage and minimise the risks
  • Numerous resources and links 

Location: NCTJ offices, Newport, Essex, but it can also be delivered as an in-house course

Date: Date to be set according to delegates' needs

Cost: £275 plus VAT per delegate, please enquire about group rates

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