Representatives P-Z

Adam Partoon

NCTJ Photojournalism
The Sheffield College

“I have always had a passion for photography, from an early age I was experimenting with disposable cameras!

“I’m currently studying NCTJ photojournalism at The Sheffield College, and living in the city. I'm originally from the West Midlands and moved to Sheffield for the course. I am really enjoying my time here, and my knowledge and skills have grown loads, very beneficial and a great way to meet new people and network!

“My major ambition is to be a staff photographer for the big London newspapers and magazines, however I have kept an open mind for the future, and look forward to seeing what will happen at the end of the course!”

Ross Peters

BAHons Multimedia Journalism
Teesside University


“I chose Multimedia Jounalism at Teesside because of the chance to sit the NCTJ qualification alongside my regular degree; which thanks to the great modules and engaging lecturers, has put me in a great position to enter the industry.

“Ultimately, I want to work my way through the industry and work as a foreign correspondent or war correspondent, I think news has become far to westernised and journalism would benefit from some objective foreign reporting.”

Kirstie Pickering

BA (Hons) Journalism
University of Portsmouth

“I chose to study journalism as I have always had a keen interest in current affairs and I enjoy writing. I am now looking forward to transferring all of the skills I've learnt since being at university into a career.

“The career path I have chosen enables me to speak to members of the public on a daily basis and write about things that are of interest to me such as politics, charities and hard news. My dream job would be a position at an online desk of a national newspaper as I believe the internet is the future of the news industry.”

Christopher Pickett

Fast-track Newspaper Journalism
Highbury College


“I chose Highbury College because I had just finished a university course I had not enjoyed and wanted to get into journalism as quickly as I could. The twenty week course was ideal for me and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. I get a real buzz from getting to the heart of stories, and as a passionate follower of all things sport I am hoping to cover top level competitions travel the world.”

Carl Reigler

Fast-track Diploma in Journalism
Liverpool Community College

Lesley Roy

MA Multimedia Journalism
Glasgow Caledonian University


“After studying languages and European politics at undergraduate level, I knew I wanted to enter into a career that not only was fast-paced and dynamic but also one where I could have the opportunity to use my language skills. I had also been involved with various blogging, film-making and podcasting projects during school as well as the student radio station's news team and so journalism seemed like the natural career choice for me.

“I decided to pick the MA course at Glasgow Caledonian because of its accreditation, great employment statistics and also because I would pick up journalistic skills across a range of different media. In the future I hope to be working in broadcast media, ideally in a French or Spanish speaking country.”

Lamiat Sabin

Diploma in Multimedia Journalism
News Associates, London


“I chose the News Associates fast-track course as the staff came across as professional and passionate about journalism. I believe my learning will be in good hands, therefore I'm excited to start the lessons on the 25th February. After the 20-week course finishes, I'm hoping to land a job as a junior reporter. I would eventually like to write news stories and current affairs features for a national paper but I wouldn't rule out opportunities in different fields, such as broadcast journalism. I have chosen the path of journalism as I believe fairness and transparency in society are paramount in protecting the public's freedom and safety and I would very much like to be at the frontline of that process.”

Mark Scully

Fast-track Newspaper Journalism
Darlington College


“I did the NCTJ course following on from my journalism degree from Liverpool John Moores University. Having completed a placement at the Sunderland Echo as part of my degree, I was hired by the paper when I finished. My course was not NCTJ accredited so I was sent on the fast-track course at Darlington by the newspaper. 

“I have wanted to be a journalist for as long as I can remember and despite having worked at the paper since last April, I'm still not over the buzz I get from seeing my name in a byline.”

Varuna Singh

BA Journalism Studies
The University of Sheffield


“I want to be a journalist not because I love writing but because I want each day of my life to be different from yesterday. Choosing to study at The University of Sheffield has been so far the best decision of my life. The journalism course at Sheffield is not only one of the finest in the country but is also equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, studios and editing suites. Academic staff here have high standards of knowledge and are very friendly. I hope to do my Masters in Broadcast Journalism and see myself working behind the camera at some news channel in the future.”

Andrew Sixsmith

MA Sports Journalism
University of Sunderland


“I chose my course because Sky recommended it in order to gain the necessary qualifications to enter into a full-time career with them. I'm delighted with it so far - it's largely practical so encourages me to get out in front of a camera, presenting and reporting, where my main skills lie. The tutors are always happy to help and the opportunities given to me to succeed are vast.

“My career ambition is to report and present for Sky Sports News and one day, lead Sky Sports' coverage of swimming in the country.

“I want to be a journalist because it gives me the opportunity to present or report in my own way to a wide range of people. It enables me to engage my creative side and pressurises and tests me on a daily basis. But the main reason is, being hugely passionate about sport, I want to be able to produce that same passion in people across the world through my words or presenting. Journalism presents me with all of those opportunities.”

George Solomon

BA Print Journalism
Nottingham Trent University


“As a youngster, I always enjoyed writing.  Short stories at primary school, my team's football reports as a teenager, little bits wherever I could.  When I realised I could potentially make a career out of it, I jumped at the chance, and going down the journalism degree route, rather than converting after studying a more 'traditional' subject at university, is a decision I've never regretted.

“I see no harm in keeping my options open for now, but am drawn toward either local papers or magazines when I graduate - any job which, before going to sleep at night, provokes a smile when I think about heading into work the next day.”

Peter Summers

Fast-track NCTJ Press Photography/Photojournalism
Up to Speed Journalism Training

“The reason why I chose the NCTJ course in Press Photography/Photojournalism was mainly because I didn’t want to be sat in a lecture theatre for hours on end learning things that wouldn’t me beneficial to me in the world of press photography. I also just wanted to get my training done so I could start working.

“I’m finding the course really good, I think the areas you need to know to succeed are outlined very well and this has been made clear since the beginning. In the future I hope to work for a national newspaper or an established news agency. The reason I want to be a press photographer/photojournalist is because no two jobs are the same and you always have to adapt to the situation that you find yourself in, to show exactly what is going on.”

James Thompson

Fast-track NCTJ Diploma in Journalism
Up To Speed Journalism Training


“I was previously working in recruitment in London and decided I wanted to do something I was truly passionate about. Having a real interest in most sports, notably football and rugby I decided to take the opportunity to retrain on this short course and have really enjoyed learning the skills needed to be a working journalist.

“I have begun to write an online opinion column on rugby for a website called and was shortlisted for a Sports Journalist Association competition. I have lined up some work experience placements at Sky Sports and the Burnley Express and I am hoping to use this as a springboard into securing a job after the course has ended.”

Oscar Tollast

BA Multimedia Journalism
Bournemouth University


“I chose to study BA Multimedia Journalism because of the facilities, the skills, and opportunities on offer at one of the best media schools in the country. It was important for me to undertake a course that was accredited and recognised by industry bodies. 

“It's been a wonderful experience so far. I was editor-in-chief of the university's coverage of the US 2012 presidential election, I've contributed regularly to in-house publications, and I've been able to gain work placements at national newspapers. 

“I want to be a journalist because I like to be the first to know, the first to inform others, and to be able to travel and meet extraordinary people for a living. If I can find a job in the future to satisfy those wants, whether print-based, online, or on the radio, I'll be a happy chap.”

John Toner

BA Multimedia Journalism
Brunel University


“I chose Brunel because it's near London and has a fantastic reputation. I am finding the course challenging but exciting; the practical elements of writing copy and filming are great fun. I hope to go into freelance sports journalism, the freedom of being a freelancer sounds really attractive and the ability to turn your hand to many different aspects and areas will provide many great experiences. I want to be a journalist to help myself and others better understand the world around them.”

Grace Wong

Fast Track Newspaper Journalism
Lambeth College


“The NCTJ course at Lambeth College jumped out at me as it had such a good reputation and came highly recommended. I have been working as a freelance photographer but wanted to strengthen my writing skills.

“Relentless, intense and fast paced does not even begin to describe the course! I hope to combine news pieces, features, articles and commentary with photography, as staff or as a freelancer in the future. Journalism fits my enquiring mind, tenacious nature and curiosity about people’s lives. It encourages me to continue asking important questions and to push for truths in myself and others.”