Representatives E-O

George Flood

BA (Hons) Sports Journalism
University of Brighton


“I chose to study sports journalism due to my dual passion for both sport and writing. I am enjoying the course at the University of Brighton tremendously, and believe it continues to equip me with the essential skills and qualifications that are vital to working in journalism. In the future I hope to continue to make valuable contacts and establish myself within the print media industry.”

Tami Frost

NCTJ Professional Newspaper Journalism
North West Regional College


“I went to the local newspaper for work experience when I was 16, secured a summer placement and have been there ever since. I want to be a journalist as I find it’s important and essential to help other voice their opinion and concerns about current affairs.”

Chloe Glover

PgDip Newspaper Journalism
University of Salford


“I chose Salford because it offered the opportunity to gain multimedia skills that print journalists these days are increasingly expected to have and has access to programmes commonly used within the media industry. Another reason is that I have lived in the area for several years. For me having good, solid background knowledge of the place I am reporting on for the duration of my course hopefully will only benefit the quality of my writing. Greater Manchester is also home to some really good, grass-roots news outlets such as the Salford Star and Manchester Mule who focus on issues that aren't always commonly found or investigated to the same depth in other publications. Quays News, the student-run broadcast channel and news site in Media City, also provides good coverage and opportunities for Salford students. 

“At the moment I'd really like to get into regional and/or local journalism - I think the content produced through such outlets are crucial to quality reporting at a national and international level. The work of a local journalist can greatly affect the knowledge of the public when they engage with news outlets which have much larger audience reaches. I just hope that the current situation, which is seeing the closing of local publications, cuts to their staff, more pressures on existing ones and a greater reliance on PR is stopped in its tracks before we lose these important sources of information and seriously endanger the continuation of good journalism at all levels.”

Gareth Hughes

Certificate of Higher Education in Journalism
Glyndwr University 

“I work in PR and I chose the course to learn to write engaging, relevant, and pithy press releases. The course is practical, interesting, dense and tough. Though I've never enjoyed a course more, I'm itching to get out 'there' and PR full-time.”

Mary Isokariari

Fast-track NCTJ Diploma in Journalism
Brighton Journalist Works


“Having worked as a freelance journalist for various publications, I decided to do the NCTJ course to hone my skills and boost my chances of landing a staff job. I chose Brighton Journalist Works because the course was a mixture of magazines, newspapers and web publishing. I've just completed my NCTJ and am currently applying for jobs while freelancing.”

Sahil Jaidka

BA (Hons) Multimedia Journalism
Glasgow Caledonian University

“I first stepped into a newsroom in 2007 at the age of 15. My week of work experience at the Daily Record gave me a real taste for the buzz of a busy newsroom. Ever since then I have been working towards my goal of being a journalist.

"Before leaving school I completed four placements at the Daily Record which helped me secure a place to study multimedia journalism on the NCTJ and BJTC accredited course at Glasgow Caledonian University, where I am now in my honours year. The fact this course is the only one in central Scotland which is dual accredited made my decision easy in selecting where I wanted to study. Over the past four years I have gained a number of skills here which I have been able to apply in the workplace and consequently use to gain employment.

"Whilst studying, I continued to gain as much work experience as possible across different platforms with both local and national publications. These placements include working at: The HeraldEvening Times, Glaswegian, Street News Service and Clyde and Forth Media. During that time I have produced a series of exclusive stories, beating both national and local competitors. Doing this on an almost weekly basis further inspired me to learn and expand my skills in order to become a good journalist.

“Last year, I was offered a place on the BBC’s Scottish Religious Advisory committee where I offer views, comments, observations and advice on BBC/BBC Scotland output from a Hindu prospective, further highlighting my passion for journalism. In summer 2012 I was employed by Clyde and Forth Media after successfully undertaking voluntary trainee reporter work placements. I now run the sports desk for up to six weekly titles as well as contributing to the news desk. Looking ahead, I have a real desire to widen my horizons, continue learning and improve my skills within different platforms.”

Andrew Julian

MA Sports Journalism
St Mary's University College

Chris Kelso

HND Practical Journalism
Cardonald College

Demitri Levantis

Fast-track Diploma in Journalism
Harlow College

James Marsden

Academic Year Diploma in Journalism
Belfast Metropolitan College

“I’m really enjoying the practical side of the course - I like talking to people and getting paid for it. I hope to become a travel journalist.”

Ben Nielsen

BA Hons Journalism
University of Central Lancashire

Colin O'Neill

MA Journalism
University of Ulster

“I am a solicitor by profession and worked in that capacity for six years. I was made redundant in 2010 and wanted and needed to try something else. Thus I applied for the course at Coleraine and was thrilled to be accepted. I was drawn to it because it was a straightforward commute for me; it had an excellent reputation and was NCTJ accredited. Throughout my life I have always harboured the ambition to write for a living. I strongly believe that I have the writing skills, the ambition and the determination to succeed as a journalist. I have many interests and curiosities and believe that I could work in many areas of journalism.
“The course at Coleraine is excellent - well run by people who care about the profession and the students on the course.”

Tom O'Rourke

MA Magazine Journalism
Nottingham Trent University


“I chose to study journalism after a year spent teaching English in South Korea. While there, I blogged about my experiences and loved the freedom to express myself in writing and the response I got from readers. On returning to England, I decided that writing for a living would be extremely rewarding.

“Nottingham Trent's journalism courses and staff have great reputations and I've not regretted my decision to study there for one minute. It's definitely the hardest I've worked in my life but I've been assured it will pay off. In the not so distant future I hope to work my way up to being editor of a national fitness or music magazine. What can be better than writing about what you love every day?”